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Product Video Tab

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Product Video Tab

Front Office Features:

  •     The video tab is automatically added to the product page. 
  •      Customers can see the video, video title, and video description about product in the video tab 
  •     You can turn on/off "Video Tab"  for the particular Products.

Back Office Features:

  •      Admin can change the configuration value for enabling or disabling features provided by the setting.
  •     Admin can add video embedded code or url, title, and description from the catalog product area for each product. 
  •     Admin can disable this feature for a particular product from the admin product area.
  •     Easy to Manage from the Backend

Product Video Tab used for add video on the product page which explains how your product works and what are the features in your products and shows the working of the products. Like you have machine products on your website, Then you can easily add your machine working video in the video tab with the description and title so your customer can check the video before buy.
Admin can easily manage the videos, title, and description from the Catalog products area for each product.

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