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Magento 2 Call for Price

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Magento 2 Call for Price extension by Meetanshi allows store owners to hide product prices and "Add to Cart" button to replace with "Call for price" button to encourage users to contact for product prices.

Key Features:

  • Hides product prices and " Add to Cart" button.
  • Responsive contact form to receive quote requests.
  • Easy to manage quote inquiries.
Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Price formation is a complex and tiresome process and thus, prices should be managed thoughtfully based on demand and competition. Many times, Magento store owners cannot provide fixed pricing to the specific products due to many reasons such as the price is to be decided based on the quantity of the order, the price is to be based on the type of customer group, prices based on product personalization, etc.

Magento, by default, does not have any functionality to hide product prices and enable contacts for prices. Meetanshi has come up with Magento 2 Call for Price extension that helps to hide product prices and "add to cart" button in Magento 2 stores and instead replace the price details with customized button such as "Call for Price," "Contact for Inquiry" or any other call to action button!

While displaying price is quite obvious and straightforward, your online store should not overlook how a product’s price is displayed on the frontend. And, if you need to create a mystery around the product pricing, this extension is what you need.

Magento 2 Call for Price is useful for the stores where there is a constant fluctuation in prices; prices depend on the quantity of the order, products personalization or if it is a service-based product. Also, the module is helpful in improving the customer engagement. The store owner can interact with potential buyers and thus the productive communication can lead to fewer cart abandonment and more conversions. 

The extension allows replacing the price details with a "call for Price" button that enables "Get a Quote" form in a responsive popup. The form contains essential details for the quote request. Such information helps in better understanding the visitors' requirements, improve the product features and marketing efforts.

Benefits of choosing Magento 2 Call for Price Extension

Gets Notification

Set Email ID of the store owner to receive the call for price requests from customers.

Call for Price

Select one from the button or label to enable call for price as.


Enable call for price based on customer groups.


Hide prices on the product page, category page as well as home page.


Set a custom title for the call for price form.


Enable auto-reply Email to customers after they submit the quote inquiries.

  • Enables communicating directly with potential buyers.
  • Select one of the options to send the call for price notifications:
    • Email
    • SMS/WhatsApp
  • Option to select one of the call for price scopes.
    • Global
    • Category Specific
    • Product Specific
  • Option to select categories for category-specific scope.
  • Set the custom text for the selected button or label.
  • For Email Call for Price notifications type, set Email ID of the store owner to receive the call for price requests from customers.
  • Select the Email sender and template for the new quote inquiry Email to the admin.
  • Select Email sender and template for the auto-reply Email to the customer.
  • In the case of SMS notification type, option to configure custom SMS text using variables to send to the admin on a new call for price inquiry submission and the admin's mobile number.
  • Also, the option to enable auto-reply SMS to customers and configure the custom SMS text using variables to send auto-reply to the customers after call for price inquiry submission.
  • Enable privacy checkbox with custom privacy notice text in the call for price inquiry form to force customers to agree with the policy to comply with EU's GDPR.
  • The admin can select the page to redirect users on the click of privacy text.
  • Avoid spammy call for price inquiries by enabling Google reCAPTCHA v3 in the call for price form.
  • Easily integrate the Google reCAPTCHA v3 with Magento 2 using the site key and secret key obtained while registration.
  • For SMS notification type, the admin can integrate Msg91TwilioTextlocal, custom SMS API supporting CURL, and Twilio WhatsApp API to send Call for Price notifications using SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Integrate the SMS API using the details obtained while registration such as Sender ID, API URL, authorization key and selecting the message type you have purchased from the SMS gateway. In case of custom SMS API supporting CURL, enter the CURL URL.
  • Set custom button or label text from the product edit when the product-specific call for price is enabled.
  • Now in the frontend, the category page and product page display the call for price button or label with custom text as set from the admin panel.
  • The call for price form for the button type allows the users to fill in the details and submit the quote inquiry.
  • Easily manage inquiries from the admin panel with a backend grid "Call for Price Inquiries" having users' details like Name, Email ID, contact details, products they are interested in, and their inquiry message. The admin can export the call for price inquiries in CSV or XML format.
  • Immediately after the inquiry is submitted, the users get an acknowledgment email notification, SMS notification, or WhatsApp message as per the configuration.
  • Admin also gets an Email, SMS, or WhatsApp message for the new quote inquiry.
  • Multi-store and multi-language support.
  • Support for all Magento default product types.
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